Pennies from Kevin – Keep Your Mouth Shut and Options Open

Why do we look for permission in the wrong places when we already KNOW the answer to the question.

Pennies from Kevin – RetirementAL States

How many times can you keep reliving the past and experincing the same things over and over? Do you really want to spend the time you have left making those same mistakes? Or do you want to challenge yourself to be greater. Time is the only thing that is absolute and that we can never get back.

Radio Facts Radio Show

Writer Jasmyne Cannick stirred controversy when she did an op-ed on Dylann Roof’s conviction for killing nine black church members to not being much different from gang killings. We explore her story (below) on this podcast. Hosted by Kevin Ross this podcast features Cleo Manago, Cannick and Jackie Rhinehart.

Nyce News w/Your Cuz’n Rezell Simmons

This show is granted to keep you up to date on popular culture, politics and issues affecting the black community. Tune in weekly for an insightful and refreshing with the #1 brief.

AfroPop Radio

AFroPop Radio seeks to build a bridge of music arts and culture with Africa and America. We are scouring the continent for the best music and sharing it with you just because we think it’s dope!!! We’re learning about African music right along with you… We’ve got the best and hottest plus , news and culture…. Yebo!!!