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PODCAST: “Carrot Danglers” Land of Broken Promises

Never get mad at someone else for not seeing your value. It's not their job. But many of us waste time... not days not...

Kelly Mac Hired at Beasley Media

Charlotte, NC (July 5th, 2017):  Beasley Media Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBGI), announces Kelly Mac will return to the...

Nyce News w/Your Cuz’n Rezell Simmons

Discussing: Kendrick Lamar/Geraldo Rivera, Facebook, Trump's Bad deal, Rush Limbaugh and more.. Playing Hip Hop music!

Nyce News w/Your Cuz’n Rezell Simmons

Discussing Media’s Treatment of Bill O Reilly vs Bill Cosby, Syria bombing and America’s response. Hot Music & call in.

Nyce News w/Your Cuz’n Rezell Simmons

“Nyce News” New radio show discussing politics, social issues in our community and Hip-Hop”

The Spike On The Mic Show

This episode, featuring our lovely and talented core players, begins with Spike hearing strange voices. After some controversy concerning our “Peabody Award“, Spike compares us to “a kid on the toilet“. The first topic is the story of a school teacher named “Woodwerf” with 16 years on the job, being fired because an angry law enforcement officer revealed her former profession to school officials that already knew about it. Confused?

Sway to Host Audio Documentary “The Last Mile Radio” on SiriusXM

SiriusXM announced a unique, powerful new series about a prison program that is changing lives through technology. "The Last Mile Radio" will begin its six-week run...