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10 Ways to Make Money Podcasting


Make Money Podcasting

10 Ways to

Do you currently make podcasts? Do you know that you can make quite a substantial amount of money from making podcasts? There are over 100 million people who listen to podcasts regularly. It is pretty much up to you to maximize your potential and make money from it. Here are some ways you can achieve this. [Click the numbers (2 – 11) below for the next segment] 

Affiliate Marketing

This is when you get a commission by referring people to other companies. You can do this by creating your own ad on your website or by simply mention a product or service when delivering your regular content. You will easily make money when someone makes a purchase.

Many podcasts make lots of money through sponsorships. If your podcast is suitable for a specific audience, businesses will see the potential of getting across to their customers through you. Then you too will equally make some money.

Crowdfunding or Donations

For this, you require a loyal fan base. You can ask for funding from fans to support your podcast and you. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that enables you get support through donations. It can be use to set up listening plans, which allows paid listeners to have a premium package based on their donations.

Sales of Product

Some popular podcasters sell branded mugs, bags, stationery, shirts etc. They rely on their name and image as their main marketing strategy. It also helps create some recognition for the podcasters when strangers see the branded products.


There are many new talents budding up every minute. If you are knowledgeable in an area, why not teach it? You can create timed consultation podcasts which are charged using platform such as Calendly and accept payments through bank transfer or Paypal.

Public Speaking

Many podcasters have gotten speaking gigs in their industries. It is most likely that if someone likes what they get from your podcasts, you may be recommended to speak at live conferences and events. Definitely, you will get paid for it and also project yourself to a new audience that will become loyal podcast listeners.

Professional Services

If you can’t make products to sell, you can sell time. You can offer services that are in line with the podcast content created. A podcast on relationship issues can offer a paid one on one relationship consultation with its listeners.

Sell Your Content

You can leverage your podcasts into book sales and audio books and increase your appeal. You can also utilize your fan base to get initial sales and reviews. This will allow you to stand out on broader platforms like Amazon and others. You can also package your podcasts into CDs and DVDs and make money from selling it.


Hosting events not only helps you make money, but also gathers your fan base into one place. An example is a Walker Talker conference which originated from podcasts of the Walking Dead TV show. Now, the conference is held across cities and even has some of the actors in attendance.

Complete Course Training

Online podcasters can create their own training courses similar to the content offered online. This was done by a popular podcast team at Radio.co where they created their own courses focusing on different subjects. Though it might take time to monetize, you have to show that the price tag attached to your content is worth it.

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