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8 Tips to Have a Successful Podcast, According to Forbes


Podcasting is a great tool for and to spread a message in an engaging way.

But with podcasting being so popular, it seems like everyone has one. Although anyone can create a , not every will see success. Creating a and keeping it interesting and informative is not easy. And on top of that, you must build a relationship with your audience to keep them coming back when new content is released.

Thankfully with so many podcasts out there, there’s a lot of for people considering podcasting. From creating content to your brand, all the advice is here.

So, if you are thinking about starting your very own podcast, here are 8 from that will help you create a successful podcast.

1.Do Your Research
There’s a high chance that you may know someone with their own podcast. Connect with them and ask for advice. Ask what were some things they did correctly and incorrectly. You can also search on the internet. All you need to do is search, “How do I start a podcast?”

2. Create a Content Calendar
Establishing a content calendar helps you keep a clear idea of what you want and need to accomplish. Decide how many episodes you want to publish in a month, and how often you want to release content. Write out an outline to follow so you won’t go off topic when recording. But don’t write a script and read it word for word. Keep in mind that the plan is to build on the brand you are creating or have created.

3. Determine a Structure for Your Show and Stick to It
Organize a podcast into a show with predictability by adding parts and segments so guests and audiences know what to expect. Always start with a topic, question, or a musical lead every time. Be sure to stick with the time frame you want for the segment, and wrap up and end the show with music or something memorable. Always take your podcast serious and act like it’s a serious commercial show.

4. Make Your Show About Your Listeners
Be aware of your goal and purpose for doing a podcast. Having a podcast and creating content for it can be a lot of work, and even more, work if you’re interviewing guest. Keep in mind that your podcast is a marketing and sales tool that could lead companies wanting to work with you. Provide your listeners content that leaves them engaged and wanting to learn more about you.

5. Prepare Your Show Guests as Thoroughly as Possible
You don’t need to send your guest a list of questions that you will be asking. You can send them an outline of the show with the time frame that you will be discussing each topic. The guest will have an idea of how they can prepare without being too prepared.

6. Get Objective on Your Speaking Abilities
You can join a speakers club. This can give you the opportunity to speak regularly and get constructive criticism and feedback. Bad grammar may be distracting to hear, just like filler words can be. Always be sure you practice so you know how it will sound.

7. Ask for Listeners Reviews
Reviews will attract more listeners quickly. Ask your listeners to leave reviews no matter how small your audience is. This will help you stand out from other podcasts, and grow your podcast.

8. Just Get Started
You’ll continue to learn as you go on. Your first podcast will be very different from your 20th podcast. And that’s ok. You’ll refine your style, and find your theme. Go get the basic equipment, start doing your research, outline your topic plan, and record your podcast consistently. Enjoy the process.

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