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Slutty Vegan:Plant-Based Burger Sensation| Africa America Founder Pinky Cole


The Youthful African American Founder, Pinky Cole, is all set to multiple her supplies.

Right from the McDonald sandwiches to party meals, the African America Slutty Vegan Founder has been winning the hearts of people with her lip-smacking food choices. She has always been reaping the constructive upshots as she has conquered the hearts, not just the tongues. With time, the plant-based burger owner is planning to endow the people with two more restaurant branches soon.

On a regular day, people keep waiting for long hours to enjoy the chef-special versions of Pinky Cole’s burgers. While rating the all, one of the burgers, “One Night Stand” go gaga among the food lovers. It comes with a patty stuffed with vegan bacon and cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, as well as slutty sauce. The Hawaiian bun consisting of these vegan ingredients make the taste buds feel special. For the people with a sweet tooth, she has “Dancehall queen.” Everyone gets surprised by the success of Slutty Vegan, which was dreamt in a two-bedroom apartment.

The whole journey from running a food truck, to a restaurant, has made Pinky Cole a star among the people due to which she always stay tip-top when it comes to showing her beauty.
She has shared beautiful views about veganism by saying that veganism is universal, and it is the way to engage people together under the veil of food. She is planning to expand her business in the coming time. She said that she has never pain any penny to advertise, but the whole marketing was dependent on the words of mouth. Her intentions to run this business was pure; that’s why it will not be difficult for her to expand the business.

As per her plans, people will be able to enjoy her vegan burgers at the Clark Atlanta University and ATL. She thinks that Atlanta is one of the biggest reasons behind her success and that is why she is on the peak of her planning to make vegan burgers available for Slutty Vegan lovers.

she is on the peak of her planning to make the reach of vegan burgers effortless for Slutty Vegan lovers.
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