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Bob Pittman interviews Wendy Clark, Global President and CEO of DDB


This week’s episode of Bob Pittman’s “Math & Magic: Stories from the Frontiers of Marketing” features , and CEO of legendary ad firm, DDB.

During this week’s episode, Pittman sits down with Clark and dives deep into both the creative side of marketing. Listeners can tune in to learn why Wendy believes the best creative campaigns can only come out of trust; how she’s used her perch to create a more diverse workplace, and how her experiences at AT&T, Coca-Cola, and even her early stint as a shift manager at McDonald’s have made her the thoughtful leader she is today.

A few quotes:

“Advertising ultimately is an uninvited guest, that we have to become invited. So, we have to find something interesting to say and we have to say it in an interesting way, and I think then you get deserved attention from people.” – Wendy Clark takes on connecting with the consumer through advertising.

“I mean the number one thing in advertising is trust, and I would imagine it’s very similar in your business. When there’s trust in a relationship, there’s nothing we can’t do. There’s nothing we won’t experiment and do…. So, I think that’s the piece that you can’t shortcut.” – Wendy Clark on how trust is the most important rule in advertising.

[Reference to DDB and its diverse workplace culture] “We’ve put women into roles. Our CFO in the U.S. is a woman, our CCO in New York is a woman. We just installed a new head of New York as a woman. So, every step, I want to be asked about the evidence to this rhetoric that again, I think it’s very easy to talk about this topic now. I think it’s much harder to evidence it and I think we should get into an evidence-based discussion. That’s how we’re going to make the change.” – Wendy Clark on creating a gender equality workplace culture.

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