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Bob Pittman interviews Wendy Clark, Global President and CEO of DDB

This week’s episode of Bob Pittman’s “Math & Magic: Stories from the Frontiers of Marketing” features Wendy Clark, Global President and CEO of legendary ad firm, DDB. During this week’s...

The Spike On The Mic Show

This episode, featuring our lovely and talented core players, begins with Spike hearing strange voices. After some controversy concerning our “Peabody Award“, Spike compares us to “a kid on the toilet“. The first topic is the story of a school teacher named “Woodwerf” with 16 years on the job, being fired because an angry law enforcement officer revealed her former profession to school officials that already knew about it. Confused?

NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast Discuss What Makes a Hallmark Holiday Movie Great

'Tis the season to binge watch all the holiday movies you can. But which ones are worth the binge? Well on this episode of Pop...

Radio Show to Explore the Podcast Revolution

Leaders from the growing podcast industry will participate in “The Podcast Revolution,” a Radio Show session scheduled for Wednesday, September 25. The Radio Show, produced...

Necessary Blackness

Necessary Blackness is a widely popular podcast by award winning journalist/filmmaker Rahiem Shabazz. Necessary Blackness reaches over 10,000 people weekly and is for those who are unapologetic in showing their appreciation and love for Black culture and people. The podcast is informative and tackles a range of subjects, with a concern for social justice and alternative news.

Necessary Blackness

This week, Necessary Blackness Podcast sit down with 4 distinguish female authors (Nia Sade’ Walker, Naomi H. Bradley M.Ed, Akua Agusi and Candace D. Henry). We seek to highlight authors who are committed to inspiring and empowering the next generation of leaders.

Cadence13 to Launch Podcast with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Cadence13, a leading premium podcast company, today announced the launch of Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the first-ever podcast hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emmy award-winning and...

Pennies from Kevin “Losing the Wait”

There are times when we carry extra "wait" not just in the physical form but the mental and psychological form. What's the best way to lose the wait? Listen to this motivational podcast to find out.