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Dr. Phil’s New Podcast Will “Phil in the Blanks”


Dr. Phil McGraw is stepping into the podcast game by partnering with Stitcher, which is a podcast app, to launch his new show “Phil in the Blanks.”

“I love trying to figure out what makes people tick – what or who moved them along on their journey,” said McGraw. “I’m excited about this platform because I can have intimate conversations with successful individuals. Just like on my television show, audiences will learn something valuable that they can apply to their lives.”

Dr. Phil’s show, which will debut in 2019, will be a forum for Dr. Phil to breakdown the minds of some of the most interesting and accomplished people in the world.

Guests include celebrities Kathy Bates, Vivica A. Fox, Steve Harvey, Dax Shepard and Emmitt Smith as well as ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances: Dr. J. Patrick Johnson, a world-renowned neurosurgeon specializing in spinal disorders; and Tracie Arlington, founder and lead instructor of Play It Safe, an organization that teaches life-saving self-defense techniques to women and children.

“The ‘Dr. Phil’ show is a demonstrated, trusted brand coming to fans in a fresh new format with original content and advertising,” said Stitcher Chief Revenue Officer Korri Kolesa. “This movement toward podcasts from top TV talent validates the future power of podcasting as a content medium and monetization platform, with Stitcher as the end-to-end leader in this space.”

Believe it or not, but Dr. Phil’s television show is now in its 17th season, providing a daytime tv space to talk about mental health issues.
Dr. Phil is also planning to partner with Stitcher to launch three more podcast series in 2019.
The show, featuring all-new interviews, launches on Stitcher and all podcast listening platforms on Jan. 8 and will be available ad-free on Stitcher Premium.

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