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Giuliani Considers Impeachment Podcast Launching


Giuliani Considers Podcast Launching

It is reported that is considering launching his own podcast for impeachment, which would essentially provide his side of the story. According to CNN, on Saturday at a New York City restaurant, Giuliani was overheard debating podcast information with an unidentified woman— including recording times, release dates, logo design, and the process of distributing podcast on iTunes and other platforms.

Reportedly, the former mayor of New York and current Trump lawyer said he would hope that the podcast would have four or five episodes “to analyze the impeachment in every aspect,” and he seemed to want four episodes to be completed before a prospective Senate trial. He also listed writing two op-eds in newspapers, one about why Trump is “unimpeachable” and another about Trump’s own security.

A Giuliani spokeswoman confirmed the discussions on the podcast. “A lot of Americans want to hear Rudy Giuliani directly,” said Christianné Allen. “He is exploring multiple options about the best way forward, in consultation with Jay Sekulow and the legal team. They haven’t settled on the plan yet, but they’re getting very close. “Reportedly, the Trump lawyer made an appearance last week on Steve Bannon’s impeachment-focused show, a right-wing media staple, and the former top strategist of Trump.

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