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Google Is Looking For Creative Podcasters And Color Creators


Google Is Looking For Creative Podcasters And Color Creators

Podcasting, as we say, is booming. While it's fast becoming one of the best ways to share and listen to stories, there's still a lack of diverse voices and that's what Google wants. The company is working to make it easier for people around the world to find and access podcasts with the release of the Google Podcasts app. Google has released its Podcasts developer program alongside the app, which aims to help these underrepresented podcasters and make learning how to get into this growing medium easier for people.

Google now accepts requests that will last from now for its creator system. The program formally kicks off in January 2019 and is working with PRX, who will direct and oversee the project and also claim to be one of the best in the podcasting industry. PRX has shown a long-standing commitment to fostering diversity and space inclusion, according to the tech giant. As a leader in podcasting space, PRX will provide the podcasters in the program with this valuable expertise.

Google Podcasts Creator Program

Want to empower and educate underrepresented voices through an acceleration program

Educate a global community with free tools

Showcase participants ‘ work as a model for other

PRX, along with a global advisory committee, will select teams to receive mentorship, seed funding, and intensive

20-week training. Requirements from around the world will be approved.

You can learn more about and apply to the program on PRX’s Google Podcasts creator program website by clicking here.

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