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iHeartMedia’s Bob Pittman “Math & Magic” Shaggy Interview


Bob Pittman’s “Math & Magic: Stories from the Frontiers of Marketing.” This week’s episode features Jamaican Recording Artist, Shaggy, and takes listeners on his journey of reinvention and persistence.

Fresh off his tour with Sting, the two-time Grammy award-winning artist sits down with Pittman to talk about a variety of uplifting topics. Listeners can hear why he risked going AWOL every week to record his first album, how he refreshes his brand while keeping it pure to his Jamaican roots, and why he always embraces the creative energy of the low periods.

“People should never be scared of the low periods. Those are the best years. I want to explain to you why I think the low periods are the best years: That’s when you know who your circle is. When success is there, everybody is dandy. Everybody is around you. Everybody is supportive. When the wheels fall of, who’s going to push the cart?” – Shaggy on embracing low periods

“Those low years are what built the character of me to be a fighter, to move forward. You cannot have accomplished anything else with the same team of people who are not believers in you as a leader.” – Shaggy on embracing low periods

“Everything about brand Jamaica comes with a cool factor. I am a direct representative of brand Jamaica. I look at it like that.” – Shaggy on holding true to his Jamaican roots

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