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iHeart’s Bob Pittman Math & Magic: Stories from the Frontiers of Marketing.” Interview with Oliver Francois, CMO of Fiat Chrysler


interviews Oliver Francois, CMO of Fiat Chrysler and Head of the Fiat Brand

During this week’s episode, Francois sits down with Pittman and dives deep into both the analytical and creative side of marketing. Listeners can tune in to learn why the rapper, Eminem, volunteered to put himself in Francois’s commercial, how coming up with a soundtrack for every brand helps Francois shape his vision, and why a little cultural ignorance has helped him push the boundaries of advertising. Plus, hear the surprising backstory behind that incredible tagline: “Imported from Detroit.”

A few quotes:

“Totally have the music for every brand. I mean, the soundtrack of the brand is what I call my playlist. I think to a marketer music and radio is extremely associated. And the most amazing tool you can dream of.” – Oliver Francois on the importance of the right music for your brand.

“[Radio’s impact on a brand] First because it helps you carve your special place in the culture. Second, because it gets the perfect connection with your target. Now, I’m thinking of radio as much as I’m thinking of music. I mean, that’s exactly what I’m buying when I’m have a radio media buy. I buy a personal connection to the target.” -Oliver Francois on how music and radio help create a special connection with the brands target audience.

“We spoke of, “Imported from Detroit.” It’s not just a line. it’s not just an ad line or a punchline. It is the positioning of Chrysler because it defines specifically our market space, you know? The quality and refinement of any import, but that celebrates at the same time the spirit of a city. That’s imported from Detroit.” – Oliver Francois discussing the significance of the iconic tagline – Imported from Detroit.

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