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Know Your Enemy: This is a New Podcast about the “Right”


: This is a New about the “Right”

is proud to be working with Know Your Enemy, a new American right podcast. Know Your Enemy discusses the key left-wing personalities, theories, texts, and conservatism ideas with a view to learning from our opponents.

Co-hosts Matthew Sitman (editor at Commonweal and Dissent contributor) and Sam Adler-Bell (writer for The Intercept, The Outline, Commonweal, and elsewhere) dive into the swamp of right-wing thinking so you don’t have to take conservative ideas seriously but not uncritically.

Sitman, a former conservative, offers insight into how conservatives see themselves, while Adler-Bell, almost a red-diaper baby, is geared to the pathologies and hang-ups of the left.

Some episodes are iconic, reminiscent of William F. Buckley Jr. and the creation of National Review or Ronald Reagan’s rise. Others are more modern, seeing the controversies roiling to the right as they struggle to adapt to the Trump era.

Future episodes will include interviews with authors, historians, activists, and others with specific expertise on (or familiarity with) the campaigns, theories, and figures of the past and present of conservatives. Know Your Enemy is a combination of historical analysis, modern scene insight, and expert discussion.

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