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Dr. Frances Richard’s Black Entrepreneurs Experience Podcast Helps Black Business Owners


Laying a solid foundation for a successful business demands experience,

The experience can include anything from strategy, idea, and wisdom used in tackling challenges along your entrepreneurship journey.”

Black Entrepreneurs Experience (BEE) is a podcast channel hosting black entrepreneurs both men and women across the globe.  With over 200 shows, the podcast channel has host lots of Successful African-American and Blacks Entrepreneurs around the world to share their experience with African-America and Blacks around the globe.

Black entrepreneurs have emerged as equally competitive in every field with lots of enthusiasm, positivism, and courage in their hearts. They have redefined the bondage of traditional black outlook and infused a new approach of greater confidence, growth, and a better tomorrow to look ahead.

These are men and women who have built empires across industries, inspired millions, and supported the next generation of black founders striving to make it big.

To incorporate the competence and creativity needed into the incoming generations, Dr. Frances Richard launched the Black Entrepreneurs Experience (BEE) podcast channel to air black entrepreneurs across the globe.

According to Dr.Frances Richard, black are talented, and they need to unleash their talent. The podcast channel aims to unleash the brilliance, creativity, boldness, and business acumen behind successful black entrepreneurs all over the globe.

The Black Entrepreneurs Experience channel (BEE) is a show with intriguing sections that get successful blacks Entrepreneurs to tell their success stories in their own words. In turn, inspires black small business owners and aspiring black Entrepreneurs to debunk and fight against the ages of ignorance, depression, and criticism.

Africa-American are bright, self-believer, and brainy enough to create an altogether different world for themselves. We have created a distinct identity, which reflects our noble mission, rationale, and ability to do something different against odds.

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