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MIT Launching New Sports Analytics Podcast


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has launched a new sports analytics podcast called “Counterpoints.”

MIT is well respected as a leader in sports analytics by collegiate and professional sports organizations and leagues.

According to MIT Sloan Management Review the podcast will delve into what drives teams’ performance on and off the field.  The show is aiming to provide an inside perspective for sports fans and professionals alike.

“Counterpoints” is co-hosted by Ben Shields, who is a senior lecturer within the MIT Sloan School of Management, and Paul Michelman, who is the editor in chief of MIT Sloan Management Review.

The show’s format is to set up a thesis statement and then turn to a top sports analytics expert to discuss the topics like how a player’s “basketball intelligence” rather than athleticism or past performance is a predictor of player’s success in pro basketball.  Another episode talks about the statistics that show how teams can win at selling tickets without winning on the field.

“As sports analytics has exploded as a science and an industry, we saw both a real need and an exciting opportunity to help bridge the gap between research and practice,” Michelman shared. “Really, ‘Counterpoints’ aims to play the same role for sports analytics that MIT Sloan Management Review plays for management more broadly: to identify the most important and interesting new ideas in the field and help translate and amplify them for greater impact. Of course, we’re talking about sports so we’re having some fun with it as well.”

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