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New Podcast About Historical Deaths: Assassinations


Are you interested in learning about assassinations in history? Love examining what lead to the event and the motive behind it? Well, Assassinations with Kate Leonard and Bill Thomas is the right for you.

Assassinations recount history’s most infamous deaths. It goes into depth on the killer’s motives and history. And how that one death has altered the course of history.

The first show of the podcast aired Nov. 19th. A new episode is aired every Monday on Apple, , , Stitcher and ’s website.

The first assassination that was discussed was John F. Kennedy’s murder. The assassination was broken down into three parts.

The next assassination the podcast is discussing is Tejano musician, Quintanilla. Only one part has been released.

Some of Parcast shows includes Cults with Greg Polcyn and Vanessa Richardson, Conspiracy Theories with Molly Brandenburg and Carter Roy, and Female Criminals with Vanessa Richardson and Sami Nye.

Parcast is storytelling podcast network. They are focused on story-driven programming.

You can catch up and listen to each episode down below.

Episode 4: Selena Pt. 1 Yolanda Saldívar

Episode 3: JFK Pt. 3 Kennedy’s Legacy

Episode 2: JFK Pt. 2 Death in Dealey Plaza

Episode 1: JFK Pt. 1 Lee Harvey Oswald

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