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NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast Discuss What Makes a Hallmark Holiday Movie Great


‘Tis the season to binge watch all the holiday movies you can. But which ones are worth the binge?

Well on this episode of Pop Culture , , Stephen Thompson, and Kat Chow discuss the endless holiday movies Hallmark has to offer.

Holmes and Chow enjoy watching all the cheesy holiday movies Hallmark airs, and are regular viewers. But unlike the two, Thompson is a newbie to the movies. So, he DVRs the movies that Linda tells him to as an introduction.

The three discuss what makes a Hallmark movie a good one, and a bad one. They also discuss the movie, “A Melody,” that Mariah Carey directed in 2015. Additionally, the three discuss the new things Hallmark are doing with their movies that they don’t traditionally do. This includes having a gay character, airing two Hanukkah movies, and having black leads in any of their holiday movies.

Pop Culture Happy hour is an roundtable that talks pop culture news and analysis.

You can listen to the podcast down below, and listen to what Christmas movies on Hallmark you would enjoy this season.

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