Street Senators “PTED Post Traumatic Election Disorder”

Do you still have a hangover from the Presidential election? We sure TF do!
This episode is brought to you by “Little Benny & Mojo’s: Cupcakes, Tax Preparation, and Landscaping!”

The Barry M Show

Barry S. McLeod discusses various issues within the Black Perspective. His focus is primarily Down-Home Folks who recognize 'what's REALLY happening' ...male AND female! Episode 1: Black Woman Talks Black Men Dating White

Pennies from Kevin “Losing the Wait”

There are times when we carry extra "wait" not just in the physical form but the mental and psychological form. What's the best way to lose the wait? Listen to this motivational podcast to find out.

Radio Facts Radio Show: “Cathy Hughes, Women of Color in Radio”

Industry icon Cathy Hughes talks to Kevin Ross about her 35 years as an entrepreneur in the radio business. Ms. Hughes owns Radio One and is one of the most respected industry veterans in radio and beyond. Here she gives great tips to entrepreneurs and up and coming talent on how to succeed in radio.

Pennies from Kevin – RetirementAL States

How many times can you keep reliving the past and experincing the same things over and over? Do you really want to spend the time you have left making those same mistakes? Or do you want to challenge yourself to be greater. Time is the only thing that is absolute and that we can never get back.

Pennies from Kevin – Keep Your Mouth Shut and Options Open

Why do we look for permission in the wrong places when we already KNOW the answer to the question.