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Pineapple Street Studios and The Meteor Launch COVID-19 Podcast with Leading Emergency Room Physician Dr. Esther Choo


On “Doctor’s Log,” Dr. Choo will deliver unvarnished reports from her own life in the ER,

bringing listeners to the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis

Pineapple Street Studios and The Meteor today announced the launch of Doctor’s Log: A COVID-19 Journal, a limited-run podcast series on which leading ER physician Dr. Esther Choo will report from the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis—the emergency room of a busy American hospital—as health professionals encounter the most significant health threat and pandemic in modern history.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Dr. Choo, an associate professor at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland, Oregon, has emerged as a leading advocate for healthcare providers and hospital workers, launching the #GetMePPE hashtag to bring attention to the dire shortage of personal protective equipment for doctors, nurses, first responders and others on the front line.

On Doctor’s Log, Dr. Choo will offer an unvarnished look at what is really happening 24/7 in emergency rooms and hospitals across the country in the wake of this international health crisis, offering an insider’s firsthand perspective on critical problems, including the need for supplies and equipment, as well as stories of heroism and bravery and vital information we should all know about how to stay safe.

Doctor’s Log: A COVID-19 Journal launched April 1, 2020, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RADIO.COM, and everywhere podcasts are available. Listen to the first episode and subscribe to the series here: https://bit.ly/DoctorsLog. Beginning the week of April 6, new episodes will be released twice weekly.

“There is a gap between what we’re experiencing and worrying about on the healthcare delivery side and what the general public sees,” said Dr. Esther Choo. “My experience is just one piece of the global healthcare response to the pandemic, but hopefully with this podcast, I can represent the voices of my colleagues, honor their work, and share their struggles as the entire country grapples with an unprecedented threat.”

“Dr. Choo is a true American hero, one of the bravest and most important voices and figures at the heart of the battle against coronavirus,” said Jenna Weiss-Berman and Max Linsky, co-founders, Pineapple Street Studios. “Her dispatches from the ER will shed light on the reality of what hospitals and healthcare workers are facing in this unprecedented crisis, offering access and a view that is not being covered on television and other news outlets.”

“Esther was warning that our country was unprepared for a pandemic years ago, before people were listening,” added Cindi Leive, co-founder of The Meteor. “She’ll bring that highly informed perspective to these dispatches—plus the very human reality of what it’s like to be a physician coping right now. ‘Doctor’s Log’ takes its name from Captain Kirk’s ‘Captain’s Log’ on Star Trek, because Esther and her peers are literally going where no person has gone before.”

Esther K. Choo, M.D.,M.P.H., is an emergency physician in Portland, Oregon; an associate professor at Oregon Health & Science University; a co-founder of the gender-equity initiative Equity Quotient; and a co-founder of Time’s Up Healthcare, which advocates for workplace safety and dignity for women. She is a past president of the Academy of Women in Academic Emergency Medicine.

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