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Podcast Spotlight- Checkout what’s new this week


The latest iHeartRadio Original news from this week’s Podcast Spotlight: “Behind the Police,” a podcast that explores the history of violence in American police forces, “The VladTV Podcast,” a weekly Hip Hop culture show produced by VladTV, and “Long Shots,” an ultimate PGA Golf betting show. Below are brief overviews – I hope you can share with your readers and check them out:

“Behind The Police”- Hosted by Robert Evans, an author and former editor at Cracked.com, and popular rap artist Propaganda, this show examines how American police forces have changed over time, starting from the darkest days of slavery to the murder of George Floyd. Check out this informative new show today on iHeartRadio!

“The VladTV Podcast” -This new show features exclusive, hard hitting interviews from urban artists, actors, athletes and former kingpins. Hosted by DJ Vlad—the popular interviewer, journalist and CEO of the video and news website VladTV—this interview-style podcast isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. The premiere launched today on iHeartRadio – so go check it out!

“Long Shots” – This new PGA Golf betting show is hosted by golf betting experts Brady Kannon and Wes Reynolds. Listeners can tune in to hear sports betting experts and golf and casino industry guests on a regular basis as they share weekly insights and analyses for every tournament.

Check out our Podcast Spotlight each Wednesday to see what’s new and noteworthy on the iHeartPodcast Network each week.

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