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The New York Times’ Popcast Discuss The Grammy Nominations


The 2019 Grammy nominations are out. And released a bonus episode.

On this episode of Popcast, host talks to , Caryn Ganz, and Joe Coscarelli about their feelings about the nominations.

The group goes through each category and talks about each nominee. Also, they discussed how both women and hip-hop is being well represented in this years Grammys.

They also speak on how Kendrick Lamar is leading the Grammys with eight nominations, and how Drake is trailing him with seven.

Jon Pareles is the chief of critic at The New York Times, and Caryn Ganz is the pop music editor at The New York Times. Joe Coscarelli is also a reporter for The New York Times, who is a culture reporter with the focus of pop music.

Not only is Caramanica the host of Popcast, but he is also a music critic for The New York Times. In addition, he covers television and writes the men’s Critical Shopper column for Styles.

The Popcast is The New York Time show hosted by Jon Caramanica. He discusses the latest in pop music, trends, and news.

You can listen to their thoughts and feelings down below on their bonus episode.

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